Mental Health Coping Skills

I’ve started a series of articles detailing different mental health coping skills.

The first article is “How To Journal For Mental Health” where I take an in-depth look at what Journaling is and how journaling can help your mental health.

Journaling Is More Than Keeping A Diary!
Why Journal Instead Of A Different Coping Skill?
When To Journal For Mental Health
How To Journal For Mental Health
Common Objections To Journaling
Journaling Prompts For Mental Health
1: Write about your day.
2: Write about positives from your day.
3: List things you’re grateful for.
4: List and explore your emotions
5: Take stock and notice your progress
6: Make a list of tasks and your goal
7: Write about a few of your accomplishments
8: Write about an aspect of self-improvement
9: Where would you like to be. Who would you like to be?
10: Discover more about yourself
The Science Of Journaling For Mental Health
1: Journaling for anxiety relief
2: Journaling for depression

In the article, “Mindfulness For Mental Health” the powerful properties of mindfulness are examined.

Introduction: What Is Mindfulness?
Meditation V Mindfulness
Negativity Bias And Its Role In Depression And Anxiety
Coming Back To Mindfulness
Mindfulness As Meta-Awareness
Mindfulness Without Judgement
Reasons To Be Mindful
1: Being present means not being in the past or the future.
2: Mindfulness helps to relieve pain
3: Mindfulness helps relieve anxiety, depression and stress
4: Mindfulness for weight loss.
5: Mindfulness for focus and attention.
6: Better quality sleep
7: Mindfulness helps to integrate your whole being

I also wrote about “Breathwork For Anxiety And Depression” in an article discussing the nervous system and how it can be accessed via breathing techniques to help anxiety and depression.

Introduction: Depression, Anxiety and Breathing
Your Nervous System Explained!
Depression treatment with breath work in the scientific literature
Anxiety treatment with breath work in the scientific literature
A note on stress and cortisol
A breathing technique for easing anxiety, worry, fear or stress
The “Box Technique” or “Square Technique”
A breathing technique for easing depression
The 1/2/3 “Activation Technique”

My newest article is about the Mental Health Benefits Of Nature. I hope you like it. 🙂